First Impressions

My first thought coming off the jet was, “It’s not as hot as I thought it would be.” And then I took a walk with John to find a barbershop at 3PM…after finding out that the barber was taking his lunch break and wouldn’t be back till 5, I quickly learned how things work around here. I also quickly changed into a swim suit and played pool volleyball with the Manning boys in one of 3 swimming pools in Mafraq, Jordan.

You would never guess it from looking at my room, but I am a very organized person. Or at least, I value organization a lot. So maybe it was the first time we took to the road with no lanes and people honking incessantly at each other, or maybe it was the way people took forever to respond to emails, or probably the barbershop incident, but I learned right away that flexibility is one of the most important character traits to pick up in this part of the world.

Long day of traveling from Mafraq to Amman, to the Jordan/Israel border and finally to Jerusalem. Looking forward to our first meeting with Reem tomorrow to discuss our first workshops!








Hi everyone!

Welcome to our Blog! We have finally congregated in Jordan and are excited to be sharing this experience with you. We are still getting over jet-lag having just arrived this morning.  Barring any unforeseen difficulties, we are planning on departing for Jerusalem Thursday morning to begin working with al-Mada which is run by a wonderful woman Reem (you can visit their website here: Looking forward to getting some good rest before beginning our project. Keep a look out for updates as we use our music to make connections with people and uplift hearts!

MHU Team