Think about the role music plays in your world. Music so easily accessible, you can hear what you want within a few strokes of your fingers. You may think of music as a form of art, or maybe of entertainment. We want to help change the way you think about music. We believe that music heals us.

Art is an extremely individualistic form of communication. An artist has his or her own style, collection of tools or instruments, opinions, ideas, technical abilities. The conglomeration of these is an interpretation, a single-sided portrayal. But art is also a collective form. It stirs our senses and emotions, it appeals to our humanity. It is capable of non-verbally communicating to any person anywhere, and speaking to something far deeper than a personal preference or fancy.

It is through these characteristics that music is capable of effecting individuals, communities, and societies. Music Heals Us is not a politically motivated project, but rather an attempt to create dialogue and to speak to every person’s innate desire for beauty and a just existence. On our tour we won’t be playing in fancy concert halls. Rather, we will go to where the people are, and give them something which will change them. And if each person hears a new sound, or understands a tiny bit more about what is at our very cores as humans as a result of what he hears, the performance will already have been a success.